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BSMS with Major in Biological Sciences

Students can take admission after their higher secondary education through a common admission process that admits students to all IISERs. The admission for the 2024 session has already been advertised. Check the IISER Admission website. The interested candidates have to appear in the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT). Based on the results, and their preferences, admission will be offered.

What is the programme and why should you join IISER Berhampur for BSMS?

The BSMS programme of IISER Berhampur is similar to BSMS programme in other IISERs. This includes two years of Core courses (covering all subjects of science and Mathematics), two years of Major, and a final year dissertation. Our Biology programme is well-designed and balanced. The philosophy of the programme is an overall training in the fundamentals of Biological Sciences. The courses cover Molecules - cells - tissues and organs - Ecosystem - Evolution, essentially all levels of Biological organisation and processes.

We have a new campus, with excellent residential facilities, including all sports and extracurricular activities. In our upcoming new academic building, we will have state-of-the-art facilities for all Biological Sciences labs. Our teaching infrastructure is modern, and our teachers are committed to excellence in teaching.

Integrated PhD programme:

Admission to the Integrated PhD programme for the year 2024 will start soon. It will be advertised on the institute website. Briefly, students can join this programme for their Masters and Doctoral degree. This programme combines these two degrees in an effective manner such that entry into the Doctoral phase is more focused, and in effect time saving. All Integrated PhD students are entitled for fellowship for all seven years of the programme. For eligibility and other details, please visit the institute website.

PhD programme:

Candidates seeking admission to the PhD programme can visit the admission page. The application is now open. For eligibility and other details, please visit the institute website. Briefly, PhD programme is a structured five-year programme. The students have to clear course work and opt for a faculty member from within the department to start a PhD dissertation. All selected candidates receive fellowship through the institute or external funding agencies. The programme allows rotation with different faculty members, but also supports students who are more decided on their choice of research area.