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The department is offering three programmes - the undergraduate (BS-MS) programme, Ph.D. programme and integrated PhD (iPhD) programme. The details regarding the BS-MS programme is available. For more details, Click here

The PhD programme includes 28 credit course work and lab rotation (optional), followed by extensive research work conducted under the mentorship of one of the faculty members of the department. The details can be found here.For more details, Click here

PhD students are usually supported by five-year scholarship through external agencies such as CSIR, UGC, DST etc. A limited number of students are eligible for the institute PhD scholarship.

Integrated PhD Programme is a new addition to the academic programmes offered by the department. It is a seven-year programme combining Masters and a Doctoral Degrees. The department is looking forward to admitting the first batch of iPhD students this summer. In addition to being a very competitive and well structured programme. It comes with the added advantage of a continous finantial assistance in the form of a masters and a doctoral fellowships. For more details, Click here

List of courses to be offered in the upcoming semester (Aug-Dec, 2020)

BS-MS courses
Integrated Ph.D
Ph.D. course