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The Department of Biological Sciences at IISER Berhampur is a developing unit committed to achieving excellence in research and education in different fields of Biological Sciences. The department has slowly grown to a sizable unit with 11 faculty members leading their respective research groups. More than 35 PhD students are enrolled in the Department. The first few students have now graduated with PhD degrees.

The department is currently involved in research in various areas of Biological Sciences including, Evolutionary Biology and Behavioral Ecology, Fungal Molecular Genetics, Plant Developmental Biology, Stem Cell Biology, RNP Biology, Structural Biology, Cellular Metabolism, Immunology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Transposon Biology, Metabolomics, Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics. As the areas suggest, we aim to span the entire breadth of Biological Sciences. The department is still in its formative phase. Hence, the range of research areas is only going to become wider.

The research division is functioning in the Transit campus at the city of Berhampur. Most of the teaching happens in the main campus of IISER Berhampur. Apart from the faculty and students, a number of Scientific officer, laboratory staff, office assistants, and a few post-doctoral fellows form the Department of Biological Sciences community. Most of our students are fairly active, and take part in many club and extracurricular activities. We are always looking for professionals to come to the department and share their research with us. The department is a work in progress, but in the last few years we have been able to develop a good academic culture, which is only going to continue to become stronger.