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Faculty position:

The department is looking to hire more faculty members through a centralized rolling advertizement. For more details, Click here

Post-doctoral fellowship

The institute supports Post-doctoral researchers through Institute post-doctoral fellowship and other external fellowships. Interested candidates can apply through the application portal for the Institute fellowship. Candidates are encouraged to communicate with individual faculty members to find out potential alignment between research interests. For more details, Click here

PhD and Integrated PhD positions

The admission to the PhD programme is a centralized process that happens twice every year. Interested students should check the eligibility criteria and individual faculty profiles before applying. The in-take for the August semester is usually advertised in March and the same for the January semester in October. For more details, Click here

The department is looking forward to its first batch of integrated PhD students. The advertisement is with all details of eligibility criteria can be found here iPhD details The application portal is live now. Interested candidates should explore the above mentioned page and submit the application accordingly.The application is completly online. The last date of submission is 30th June 2020.


The department regularly hosts internship students for summer or winter or similar short-term internships. Students at various levels of their studies may write to individual faculty to show their interest. The email content should have a) a short write up (around 100 word) on scientific interest; b) a short write up on why he/she is interested in the research of a specific faculty member; c) a short CV. The email should also clearly mention the tentative time and duration of the proposed internship.

Other jobs:

Currently there is no open position